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Global Women Entrepreneurs of Personality


Do you think personality affects how successful you can become?  Women of Personality: 20 Inspiring Women And Their Stories Of Success takes a look at successful women entrepreneurs in business careers from the perspective of the influence of personality on their success.

And we are excited to learn that three of our WEGG contributors made the list!  They are as follows:

Anita Campbell, Editor and CEO, Small Business Trends LLC

Karen Kerrigan, CEO, Small Business Entrepreneurship Council and President and CEO, Women Entrepreneurs, Inc.

Dr. Marsha Firestone, President and Founder, Women Presidents’ Organization

Please join me in congratulating them.  We love their unique personalities and are inspired by their work.

Learn more here.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Global Economic Empowerment for Women


The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW, logo above) is out to make a difference. They believe that the single greatest challenge of the world today is creating an environment where peace will naturally prevail.

Read more about their great global initiatives, such as how Amir Taj Sirat, a Peace through Business® 2007 graduate, owns a ball making business, employing women of Afghanistan to produce all types of balls – soccer balls, volley balls, etc.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Doubling in a Downturn

In a struggling economy you may conclude that you do not have the resources available to facilitate international expansion. I argue that it is crucial to explore global ventures, even more so in an economic downturn. Small businesses across the United States are also starting to embrace this idea.  According to a recent report by the Institute for the Future think tank, half of U.S. small businesses will be involved in global trade by 2018. To provide some perspective, American users now represent only 15% of all internet business as stated by Eric J. Gerritsen of Global Internet Advisors.

The Women Presidents’ Organization expanded internationally beginning in 2001 with chapters in Canada, then Peru and most recently in the UK. This growth has not only added diverse perspectives but also depth to the organization and global views for the WPO. It is crucial for North American women entrepreneurs to be conscious of the differences in cultures and business practices when going global.Sue Stockdale, United Kingdom entrepreneur and president of Mission Possible Ltd and London facilitator for the WPO states “whilst it might seem like a difficult path to tread, for me there tends to be more similarities than difference in cultures, and having the ability to quickly learn and adapt can help you to ensure success when doing business internationally.”

What advantages would a women led business have?

Laurel Delaney, president and founder of, a consulting and marketing solutions company for entrepreneurs seeking international expansion, ensures that women have an advantage in the global market. “Women have developed an instinct for taking accurate readings in a hurry and acting accordingly. Trust that instinct. Where language and cultural barriers hinder communications, it may be all you have. The more women who enter the global arena and make it their own, the better their chance of success.”


Going global is a challenge that will prove to be well worth the effort. It will increase the size, profits and scope of your business and enlighten you on other business dimensions. See it as a challenge that will not only develop your business, but will also develop you as an entrepreneur. Diversified markets may be the key to the continued growth of your enterprise as these WPO members have illustrated.

Read more of this story in Enterprising Women Magazine!

Posted by: Marsha Firestone, Ph.D.

President and Founder

Women Presidents’ Organization

Whether Local or Global: Ask For Help


How do Britain’s most successful female entrepreneurs feel about the ways that they are characterized and the obstacles they encounter in running their businesses?

You can find out each week for the next month at where they will be asking some of Britain’s 100 most entrepreneurial women for their insights into specific challenges and opportunities confronting women today.

And they start with three women who have made it to the top in optical retail (largest privately owned optical company in the world, with more than 1,350 stores throughout the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Australia and New Zealand) recruitment process outsourcing and field marketing.

Here’s a sample Q&A:

Q: You have built a business in recruitment process outsourcing, but recruitment is one of the more traditional sectors for women to work in. Was it a deliberate choice and what are your reflections on being a woman businesswoman in that industry?

A: “I see us much more as being in the business processes outsourcing industry and I don’t really see myself as a woman in business. I see myself as a business person.

“I think women are a lot less confident and a lot more self-critical than men. When applying for jobs, for example, men will tend to look at the job description and say to themselves, ‘I have three of the things they are looking for, so it will be fine’, whereas women might have six or seven of the same things, but because they have not got one of them they are afraid to go for it. I think women should be braver and have more confidence. One of my big regrets is not having the confidence early on to ask people if they would be a mentor to me. I really regret it because I now know that some of those people would have been thrilled to have been asked and would have gone out of their way to help me.”

We can learn so much by reviewing what other women entrepreneurs are doing in different parts of the world.  Read more here.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Pictured:  Roseleen Blair, CEO, Alexander Mann Solutions, UK

Empowering Women With Livelihood Program


Southern Fresh Products, Inc., an exporting company of fresh Del Monte Gold pineapples under the Del Monte label, helps empower community women with livelihood program.

These women-members who are dependent wives, mothers, or sisters of landowners or employees of SFPI get their source for their daily consumption out of their earnings from the livelihood project. Otherwise, they are plain home-buddies with no income to support their families.

The program includes bag- and stuffed toy-making, food processing, pillow- and curtain-making, as well as vegetable gardening. They get orders, which have been growing larger, from neighboring communities and nearby towns in Bukidnon. Meanwhile, they sell the vegetables, which they harvest from their garden, to nearby neighboring communities.

Read more here.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Nanay: A Wonderful World of Handmade Products


Nanay S.R.L. is a private organization that works with more than 100 knitters and handcrafters in La Paz, Bolivia.

It’s knitters and handcrafters have acquired high techniques in quality and design in the last eight years of exporting to the U.S., Denmark, Australia, Argentina, England and Japan.

Learn more here (Espanol or English) and check out their products here.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Women Entrepreneurs Open Africa to Exports


The ACCESS! web portal is situated to become the most comprehensive source of export information, tools and assistance for African businesswomen pursuing international markets. The site will also provide an opportunity for companies to register their profiles and to promote their company’s capabilities online.

ACCESS! is a regional technical assistance programme, launched by the International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO), and TFO (Trade Facilitation Office) Canada, as part of a joint program for Building African Capacity for Trade and funded by the Canadian International Development Agency.

The ACCESS! program is available in five English-speaking countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and four French-speaking countries: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali and Senegal.

Learn more here.

Posted by: Laurel Delaney

Superwomen Entrepreneurs in India


TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), founded in Silicon Valley in 1992 by entrepreneurs and professionals with roots in the Indus region, announced the launch of India’s first women’s entrepreneurship platform called TiE Stree Shakti (TSS).

TSS is a forum for women entrepreneurs to create trust-based partnerships through active networks. Additionally, the forum founders recognize the immense contribution of women entrepreneurs to self, family and society.

A study (immediate download of PDF file here) conducted by Ernst & Young titled ‘Groundbreakers’, observes: “At a time when our global economy is facing its greatest challenge in decades, we have to capitalize on the contributions women can make. While many corporations and governments have for years been making efforts to tap the hidden potential of women — and many have launched laudable initiatives to do so — now is the time to accelerate those efforts. It’s time to place renewed emphasis on women as a resource to move businesses and economies ahead.

According to TiE:

  • 78% women from poorer families in India are keen to become entrepreneurs
  • A mere 15 per cent of women hold senior management positions in privately-held businesses in India; the global average is 24 per cent
  • Some of the key areas where women want to start a business include garment shops, catering and beauty salons

The theme of the new platform is celebratory — “Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in India,” and dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship.

Read more here.

Posted by: Laurel Delaney

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