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Women of the World: The Little Things In Entrepreneurship Count

Posted by: Laurel Delaney

Factors to Consider When Growing Your Business Global

Becca Berkenstadt, marketing intern at DePaul University, Coleman Entrepreneurship Center, shares her knowledge about international business dealings.  She addresses cultural, political, economic, societal and demographic questions you should ask before you go global.

Factors to Consider When Expanding Your Company Internationally

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Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Happy Moments in Our World

Sometimes you just have to capture a moment and this was one of those times.  I was hanging out by the Chicago lakefront last Saturday evening, it was early, when this group (pictured) arrived out of nowhere in a long white stretch limo.

They jumped out of the vehicle and walked carefully to the rocks by the waterfront.  Some fresh air was needed but now in hindsight, I wonder if they were gazing at those fabulous clouds.  I don’t know if it was a wedding or some other sort of special occasion they were celebrating.  Needless to say, I should have asked someone in the party for their contact info because if I were the woman in the stunning green dress, I would want this photo.  There was absolutely no other photographer in sight.

So for all the women around the world who can identify with happy moments like this — enjoy.  And who knows, maybe the woman pictured will discover herself on this blog and contact me!

Photo credit:  Laurel Delaney, Chicago lakefront, July 10, 2010.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Women Aspire to Move Up in Corporate BRIC

A recent BusinessWeek article states:

At least 59 percent of women in Brazil, Russia, India and China describe themselves as “very ambitious” compared with 36 percent in the U.S., said the study, which drew on surveys of 4,350 college-educated men and women in the so-called BRICs and the United Arab Emirates and one-on-one interviews. At least 75 percent of women in Brazil, India, China and the U.A.E. aspire for a senior job versus 52 percent in the U.S., the report said.

The report, “The Battle for Female Talent in Emerging Markets,” can be found here.

Now the question remains, how many BRIC women aspire to start a business like they do in the United States?

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Global Growth in Woman-Owned Small Businesses

Our very own WEGG contributor and tireless advocate to business owners worldwide, Karen Kerrigan (pictured), discusses what it’s like for women to operate businesses in Portugal and Morocco.

Woman-owned small businesses are growing globally, according to Karen Kerrigan who joins Jim Blasingame to report on her recent work with women entrepreneurs in Portugal and Morocco.

Listen up here.  Follow Karen on Twitter.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Go-To Place for Global Minded Businesswomen

Saint Mary’s College ( in South Bend, Indiana, U.S.A., is offering a new program that will help more than just college students.  The Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) is a federal grant-funded project designed to link women business owners to student’s expertise with the intent of helping businesswomen thrive in the South Bend area, including exporting.

In October of 2009, the college received a $245,000 federal grant to help support women’s entrepreneurship in the South Bend area. The college created the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, in which business students will work with area businesses throughout the school year.

Read more here to see how you might get involved.  Press release here.  Additional info here.

Photo credit and notation:  Saint Mary’s alumna Kathleen Mills ’10, left, consults with Sonia Stancombe, owner of Nicholas J Salon and Spa in South Bend.  Kathleen recently made a breakthrough for the business when she figured out how to get the business’s sales program to communicate with the accounting software, saving the owner several hours of work a week.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

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