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Good Earth: Delivering to Almost Any City in the World

Luxury retail from Mubai, India:  Good Earth.

When it comes to everyday living, Anita Lal (pictured), founder and Creative Director of Good Earth, believes in detail and true luxury.

Good Earth provides fine tableware and glasses, luxurious bed linen, cushions and pillows, pure authentic skincare and home fragrances along with a line of apparel based on natural hand spun fabrics, using traditional craft skills.

Sample Anita’s wares here.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Stop Wasting Human Potential: Empower a Life With a $25 Loan

Vittana (, a 501c(3) organization is out to create a life of opportunity for those who need it most:  young people.

Our mission is to empower young people around the world with the the education and training they need to build a life of prosperity and opportunity. We partner with microfinance institutions (MFIs) throughout the developing world to create and support new student lending programs. By connecting you to students, we enable our MFI partners to raise the right kind of capital to work with more and more students. Each student that appears on our website is a real student and not marketing material. We believe the biggest waste in the world is not oil or food or any other material thing, but rather human potential.

Learn more about Vittana here.

Visit their blog here.

Want to discover how to empower women?  Get educated here.  Like what you see?  Take action.

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Change Your Attitude and Thinking; Enter New Industries and Countries

Women who want to succeed in business must expand their business horizons and that means daring to venture into new industries and new markets.

That’s according to Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor (pictured left), the wife of the Bernama (Malaysia) Prime Minister.

She goes on further to say:

“If women entrepreneurs continue to remain in traditional businesses, they must find a niche within a market to ensure continuous demand for their products.”

Learn more here.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Worldly Women Entrepreneurs: Get Energized!

This article is part of the eJournal USA issue “Enterprising Women, Thriving Societies.”  I was asked by the U.S. Department of State to write the lead article, “Women Entrepreneurs Energize Economies.”

Women-owned companies are rising the fastest in the world’s emerging economies — particularly in Brazil, India, Vietnam and the Philippines. In fact, in many developing economies the rate of female entrepreneurship surpasses that in the world’s most industrialized countries, according to Joel Kotkin, a professor of urban studies at Chapman University in California.

I trust it will inspire all individuals — men and women alike — to pursue their dream of starting a business.  There’s even a section tips on how to start a business — don’t miss it!

Immediate download: PDF version (6.5 MB)

Photo credit:  Women exercise in gym in Bogota, Columbia, part of the fitness chain started by Gigiola Aycardi.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

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