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Global Trends in Female Entrepreneurship


While female entrepreneurs’ education level has increased, the innovation of female-owned businesses, measured by whether other businesses offer the same product, has decreased. There is less female involvement in the technology industry this year as well.

The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (GEDI) recently released the 2015 Female Entrepreneurship Index (FEI), which looks at a nation’s favourable conditions for women entrepreneurs worldwide. The FEI analyses 15 factors divided into three categories — Entrepreneurial Environment, Entrepreneurial Eco-System and Entrepreneurial Aspirations — that enhance the prospects for female entrepreneurs in 77 countries, a significant increase from last year’s group of 30.

Is there a difference in the factors that encourage female entrepreneurship as compared to male entrepreneurship?

Research indicates that cultural and societal factors play a greater role in encouraging or dissuading business ownership for women than for men.

Unleashing the power of women entrepreneurs can have a dramatic effect on a country’s economy.

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The Role of Women in the Modern 21st Century

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Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University Dean Sally Blount ’92 recently met with White House senior advisers and several leaders from the business and business school communities to discuss the changing needs of the 21st century workplace.  The bottom line is that business schools worldwide must focus on expanding opportunities for women in business and help strengthen the fabric of our great nation.

Former President Jimmy Carter also has a call to action to support women’s rights.

The White House Council on Women and Girls and the Council of Economic Advisers, both of which hosted the event, also released a set of best practices for business schools. These policies offer concrete strategies for business schools to help women succeed throughout school and their careers as well as build a business-school experience that prepares students for the workforce of tomorrow.

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How Remarkable Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide Meet Their Dreams


Author Rania Habiby Anderson, who wrote Undeterred: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies, spent over four years researching and interviewing more than 250 successful female career women and entrepreneurs in developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Anderson’s objective with the book is to understand the key traits that caused these women to be successful while so many of their peers failed to meet their dreams.

Below, Anita Newton, VP of corporate marketing at Adknowledge, interviews Anderson on what U.S.-based entrepreneurs can learn from these remarkable women.

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The Rise of the Modern, Independent Asian Woman


While the world has heard the stunning prediction that two-thirds of the global middle classes will be Asian by 2030, totally changing the economic polarity of the developed world, there’s been little focus on modern, independent Asian women (MIAW) — 25-40 year-olds.  In New Zealand, for example, premium food and beverage exporters have a lot to gain from this new demographic.

[MIAWs] are a very significant group more in evidence in some markets than others. They are focused on making the most of their good educations, getting careers, and building their lives on their terms rather than traditional expectations.

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Women Are Disrupting the Global Wine Industry

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Women entering the wine business are disrupting the global wine industry to make wines that are both more accessible and responsibly produced.

Oddly enough, women, however, have been traditionally excluded from the world of wine, making them more likely to create boundary-pushing wines that defy traditional categories.

Two women who fit this bill are Mika Bulmash (below left), CEO of Wine for the World and international development specialist, and Ntsiki Biyela (right), the first black South African female winemaker at Stellekaya, a boutique winery in
Stellenbosch. Bulmash has rethought how distribution should work, making it her mission to create sustainable Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 5.40.11 PMeconomic development by importing responsible producers of exceptional wine in untraditional regions to the US market. Biyela’s superb, award-winning wines have made her a rising star in the industry.

Interesting note.  Once a year, Wine for the World releases a private collaborative wine label that partners a top US winemaker with standout talent in emerging markets to create limited-edition blends that push the status quo of their respective regions. The latest blend, releasing in fall of this year (2015), is a collaboration between renowned Napa winemaker Helen Keplinger and Ntsiki Biyela.

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