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Meet wegg® Treasurer and Founding Board Member, Nancy Stachnik


Wegg® makes amazing educational opportunities available to women!  Where else would a person find access to so many experts?  I truly believe women business owners who avail themselves of wegginars®, weggchats® and wegg® workshops, will find a path to taking their businesses global.” 

-Nancy Stachnik, wegg® Treasurer and Founding Board Member

Meet Nancy Stachnik, a founding board member and treasurer of wegg®! Our Communications Intern, Lucy Brooks, interviewed Nancy on her background and roles for the organization. Check out our feature on Nancy, to learn more about her incredible contributions to the success of wegg®.

Lucy Brooks: What are your positions at wegg®, and how long have you worked for the organization?

Nancy Stachnik: I was one of the founding board members for wegg®, and accepted the post of treasurer for the organization.  In my capacity as treasurer, I pay the bills, keep track of our donations and expenses, prepare an annual budget and deliver an “actual to budget” statement monthly. 

LB: What has your professional background been like, and how did you end up working for wegg®?

NS: I was a community banker in Chicagoland for 45 years, worked for several financial institutions, and retired from MB Financial Bank in 2014.  I started working full-time at twenty years of age. I worked my way through college and graduate school, by attending school on weekends. I earned an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, which is where I met Laurel Delaney, President of wegg®.  Laurel and I have been friends for many years, and have been very supportive of each others’ professional endeavors.

I held a great variety of both line and management positions in banking over the years, and really enjoyed working with both colleagues and customers.  While working as a banker, I found many opportunities to serve as a volunteer for area not-for-profits, and learned I had an affinity for this work. I especially enjoy working with educational institutions, and currently serve as Corporate Board Chair of Resurrection College Prep High School, a Chicago all-girls school (and my own alma mater!). I am a past president and current board member of the Mundelein College Alumnae Association.  Mundelein College was one of the largest womens’ colleges in the midwest.  Mundelein merged with Loyola University Chicago in 1992, and I now serve on Loyola’s National Alumni Advisory Board, representing Mundelein grads.  I also enjoy working with the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership, which is the Mundelein legacy group within Loyola, and which provides scholarships to some absolutely incredible young women.

LB: What part of wegg®’s mission, “To educate women business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide on how to go global so they can run healthier businesses and create a new future for themselves, their families and their communities,” resonates with you, and how does your work connect with or support this mission?

NS: As a woman who attended a girls’ high school and a womens’ college, and who mentored many young professional women over the years, making  opportunities for professional success available to women is very important to me!  As a community banker, I saw how important it was to support local small and medium business enterprises and help them grow.  Wegg® makes amazing educational opportunities available to women!  Where else would a person find access to so many experts? I truly believe women business owners who avail themselves of wegginars®, weggchats® and wegg® workshops, will find a path to taking their businesses global.

LB: What moves, projects, or strides do you hope wegg® takes in the coming year? Do you have a personal goal in terms of your work here?

NS: I am looking forward to wegg®’s on-the-ground workshops, and am happy we are able to increase the number of in-person workshop opportunities this year. One of my personal goals for wegg® is to see our organization grow in membership, and attract the support of additional top-notch sponsors.

LB: What has been your most meaningful project to take on, event you have been apart of, or moment you have had during your time here?

NS: I have a background in marketing, advertising and branding, and I very much enjoyed working on the new wegg® logo launched in 2018.  We worked with an amazing designer who provided wegg® with a unique look, and it was great to work with wegg® board member Laura Fairman on this project.  

LB: Anything else you would like wegg® supporters to know?

NS: I love being retired and finally getting to direct my full time to the organizations and opportunities that interest me!  I have many hobbies I can now indulge.  My financial experience and expertise proves helpful to the groups I work with – like wegg® – and I’m happy to be able to meaningfully contribute!

Nancy is a vital member of the wegg® team, and we are honored to shine light on everything she brings to our table. We look forward to our continued partnership and friendship with Nancy in the coming years. 

If you would like to become a member of the wegg® community, and attend one of our workshops that Nancy mentioned, we have one coming up with Jacqueline Smith, CEO of Kiesque. Join us on March 13th! 


12 Questions for CEO Jacqueline Smith, Kiesque during our weggchat™ 2/6/19

Here is an excerpt from our hashtag #weggchat (follow @weggtoday) held on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. Central time.

Starting Up and Taking a Personal Care Product Global

weggchat™ guest: Jacqueline Smith, CEO
Kiesque (

weggchat moderator: Laurel Delaney, President
Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global™ (

Welcome to our weggchat™ everyone. Thank you for joining us. Today we are excited to have Jacqueline Smith, CEO of Chicago-based Kiesque ( with us. Morning Jacqueline and all!

weggChat with Jacqueline SmithHere is how our weggchat runs. We have 12 questions. I’ll send the first one as Q1, which shows it is official and then Jacqueline @Kiesque can respond w/A1. Everyone feel free to comment or share your experience relative to the questions. Let’s have fun, learn and grow global together! Don’t forget to include #weggchat in every tweet. Here we go!

Q1: What prompted you to start your business @Kiesque?

Jacqueline Smith:  I always wanted to have my own company some day. When I had the concept of my first product it seemed the right time to begin.

Q2: What does @Kiesque stand for?

JS:  Kiesque, pronounced key-esk doesn’t have a specific meaning but the name was created with a few goals in mind. It was to have a distinct uniqueness to it, have no google returns, and not have any translations in a foreign language.

Q3: You have a patented product called Liquid Palisade. I’ve heard it called “painter’s tape” for nail art. How did you come up with that product? Explain what’s unique about it.

JS:  I imagined a liquid applied to the cuticles before polishing and peeled away afterwards to reveal a clean manicure.

Q4: You received a patent on Liquid Palisade. What steps did you take to make that happen?

JS:  The very first thing I did was to spend hours researching patents on the internet and searching every store I entered to see if this concept existed. Next, I paid for a professional patent search to double check my findings and spent time learning about the process.

Q5: Can you share a video on how the product works?

JS:  All videos can be found here:

Q6: Think back: when did you first start selling internationally and how did it happen?

JS:  I was very fortunate that several international outlets reached out to us directly after we had exposure in the press.

Q7: Where’s your biggest market outside the USA and why?

JS:  My biggest market outside the states is the European Union because I signed an exclusivity with Sephora Europe for an all store launch.

Q8: You have received phenomenal press coverage ( How did that come about?

JS:  When I was ready for market, I emailed 3 influential nail bloggers to ask if they would like samples and within a week or so they posted their reviews.

Q9: Tell us about any recent awards you earned, if any, and what that experience was like?

JS:  Most recently, I was invited to participate in an Export Pitch by Chicago Metro Exports ( and sponsored by Chicago Regional Growth Corporation along with UPS.

Q10: What’s the most fun thing that happened while running @Kiesque?

JS:  One of my best memories was going viral on Instagram but not for the reason you might think.

Q11: What’s the biggest challenge you experienced and how did you overcome it?

JS:  One of the biggest challenges was creating educational packaging for a prestige market. They just don’t go hand in hand.

Q12: What advice do you have for other women entrepreneurs and business owners in growing a business globally?

JS:  Move at your own pace and make decisions that are best for you. Listen to your instincts.

Starting Up and Taking a Personal Care Product Global with Jacqueline Smith

weggChat with Jacqueline Smith

On Wednesday February 6th at 11:00 am CST,  Jacqueline Smith will be leading our first weggchat™ of 2019 on Twitter. Smith is the CEO of Kiesque, and her chat will cover “Starting Up and Taking a Personal Care Product Global.”

Why should you participate? Glad you asked.

Not only are all of our weggchats™ free of charge to participants, but they can help you get answers to all of your questions about taking a business global. During the the weggchat™, we will field questions and add insights on global entrepreneurship.

Here are just three of the questions that Smith will cover in her talk:

  1. What prompted you to start your business?
  2. How did you develop a patent?
  3. When did you first start selling globally?

Use or to follow the conversation with #weggchat. Small business owners are especially encouraged to chime in with questions and answers! In the last five minutes of our chat, all participants are invited to share their “140 character” elevator pitch on their businesses.

A full description of the event can be found on our website.  See you there!

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