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Sophie Lechner

wegg Specialist

Specialist focus: Cross-cultural communications educator

Sophie Lechner had a French mother and a Pakistani father and grew up in several countries so navigating cultures is second nature to her. When she realized that many people struggle with this she became passionate about bridging cultures. Over her 25 years of professional experience she has led dozens of cross functional teams across many countries to successful outcomes, with British Petroleum, Pfizer and Bayer.

At Pfizer she was asked to create the role of Alliance Manager to facilitate relationships between Pfizer and its partners, where disagreements most often came down to cultural differences. She later managed professional education for several billion-dollar global brands, and led multinational conferences and workshops for US and international professionals, physicians and researchers, from inception, through content development, and facilitation.

Leaving the corporate world, Sophie founded Global Commerce Education, a company that helps business leaders to successfully enter new markets. The flagship program is the G2 Experience program, a full immersion visit to the target market, which includes communication and strategy workshops, cross-cultural training and access to a network of vetted service providers, high level decision-makers and potential customers.

Sophie is a certified cross-cultural trainer and speaks in the U.S. and abroad at workshops, conferences and webinars offered by Global Commerce Education or co-sponsored with private companies or national development agencies.

Sophie holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a double Masters in English and French law from the Sorbonne in Paris and King’s College in London.

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