How She Went Global podcast

How to Trust your Gut and Go For It wegg® podcast

with Julie Smolyansky
on March 15, 2021

How She Went Global™ Podcast

episode 1

March 15, 2021

Julie Smolyansky on How to Trust your Gut and Go For It

Julie Smolyansky, CEO, Lifeway Foods talks about how she became the youngest female CEO of a publicly held firm at the age of 27, grew its revenue from $12 million to currently more than $100 million in annual sales, and expanded distribution throughout the United States, Mexico and Ireland, as well as portions of Central and South America and the Caribbean.  How did she do it?  She trusted her gut and went for it.

Julie Smolyansky
How She Went Global podcast

How She Went Global™

Successful women entrepreneurs and business owners share stories about going global, and offer new ways to take on the world, stay inspired and have fun! They join host Laurel Delaney every month.

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