wegg® Specialists

What the wegg Specialist can expect:

A turnkey introduction to fast-growth female CEOs who, after the four-week program is complete, can elect to hire the Specialist directly for work performed outside of the wegg VIP Program, provided the request is made in writing and pre-approved by wegg. The wegg website will feature the company logo of each active Specialist.

How It Works:

wegg matches VIP Program participants with the most relevant team of Specialists, based on their needs and expectations.  From there, VIP participants spend one hour a week over four weeks collaborating with their wegg research team of Specialists. Depending on the participant’s specific needs, Specialists provide research, analysis, key introductions, and the tips and tools needed to build and sustain an enduring global enterprise.

Since this is a virtual program—all communications are handled on the telephone, email, or via Skype—Specialists do not have need to leave their offices to participate in the wegg VIP Program.

Want to become a wegg Specialist?

Use our online form.  We will keep all application information confidential.  Once you submit your application, we will acknowledge receipt via email and notify you promptly if your application is accepted, typically within two weeks.


Contact Laurel Delaney by phone:
+1-773-576-6403, or email

meet some of our specialists


Lori Novak

Board Member & wegg Specialist

Ursula Wegrzynowicz

wegg Specialist

Jodi Grant

wegg Specialist

Maya Hu-Chan

wegg Specialist

Chantal Wittman

Board Member & wegg Specialist

Susan Meyer

Board Member & wegg Specialist

John Yunker

wegg Specialist