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How She Went Global®

Successful women entrepreneurs and business owners share stories about going global, and offer new ways to take on the world, stay inspired and have fun! They join host Laurel Delaney every month.

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episode 7

September 11, 2021

Cherry Miyake on Promoting Commerce Between USA and China with Grit and Determination

Cherry Miyake, founder and CEO of China Electronics, discusses why she started her business on September 11, 2001; how her company promotes commerce between USA and China; which industries are booming in China; the competitive advantages with product customization; and her strategy for success in China.

Cherry Miyake
episode 6

August 16, 2021

Betsy Hamm on Building a Great Global Franchising Business One Donut at a Time

Betsy Hamm, CEO of Duck Donuts, discusses how her company set out to solve a serious problem besides people hungry for something tasty, warm and delicious; her plan for international expansion; and how she is taking donuts around the world.

Betsy Hamm
episode 5

July 15, 2021

Heather Acerra on Building Creative Toys That Let the Imagination Soar

Heather Acerra, co-founder of Lux Blox, a Galesburg, Illinois family owned business, discusses what prompted her to start selling globally, why her company is considered more for the 21 st century, what overseas markets look promising, and why occupational therapists and parents of children on the autism spectrum have had success with Lux Blox.

Heather Acerra
episode 4

June 15, 2021

Debra Dudley on Transforming Ordinary Grilling into Magnificent Meals Worldwide

Debra Dudley, President and owner of Oscarware, Inc., a family-owned certified woman business, discusses how she makes the world her business, utilizes governmental organizations to boost her global growth, gets paid and ships, and rides on the coattails of big global companies to fuel additional global growth for her business.

Debra Dudley
episode 3

May 17, 2021

Kara Goldin on Turning No and You Can’t, Into Yes and I Will

Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO, Hint, Inc., Author, Undaunted. Overcoming Doubts & Doubters, discusses growing her unsweetened flavored water business to more than $150 million in annual sales, the challenges to going global, the advantages to selling a Made In USA product, and what prompted her to write a best-selling book.

Kara Goldin
episode 2

April 15, 2021

Katrina Markoff on How Chocolate Can Raise Your Vibe

Katrina Markoff, founder and CEO of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, talks about growing her luxurious chocolate brand worldwide to more than $30 million in annual sales with 5% international, understanding the healing power of chocolate and rituals, and how to find your power in life.

Katrina Markoff
episode 1

March 15, 2021

Julie Smolyansky on How to Trust your Gut and Go For It

Julie Smolyansky, CEO, Lifeway Foods talks about how she became the youngest female CEO of a publicly held firm at the age of 27, grew its revenue from $12 million to currently more than $100 million in annual sales, and expanded distribution throughout the United States, Mexico and Ireland, as well as portions of Central and South America and the Caribbean.  How did she do it?  She trusted her gut and went for it.

Julie Smolyansky