what wegg is interested in:


Different types of women-led firm’s participation in trade (exports and imports) and use of technologies like e-commerce in their trade, and the challenges they face in cross-border trade operations (or in starting to export) that we at wegg can solve. ‎Such barriers could involve access to finance, access to knowledge, logistics costs, etc.


How a firm uses express shippers for different types of export and import operations and satisfaction with these shippers.


“What’s it about women”- differences between men-and women-led firms in export participation, diversification, use of technology and barriers faced to doing trade.


A survey with 5,000 US firms and 25 questions per firm. The data can then be correlated with other variables such as state-level or county-level data (for example, do women in poorer and remote counties export less)?

If you are interested in conducting and/or underwriting this survey, please contact us at: