wegg® Specialist application

Getting started:

Submit an application and outline your specific expertise.  If accepted to the VIP Program as a Specialist, you will receive a call or email from wegg to discuss further.

Program duration: 

Four one-hour telephone or Zoom sessions between you and the female CEO will occur over four consecutive weeks.  During each call, you will be able to dive deep into the essentials of building and running a great, enduring global enterprise by sharing your expertise relative to the specific needs of the CEO.  After completion, the CEO can elect to hire you directly for work performed outside of the wegg VIP Program, provided the request is made in writing and pre-approved by wegg.

To apply:

You may use our online form or download the application.  We will keep all application information in strict confidentiality.  Once you submit your application, we will promptly acknowledge receipt of via email.

Specialist application form


Contact Laurel Delaney by phone:
+1-773-576-6403, or email


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