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Dream BIG and Be Happy in 2014


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“Make all your dreams a reality in 2014.” – Laurel Delaney

Photo:  Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois near Pratt Pier.


Have a Blessed and Loving Holiday Season


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Wishing you a Merry Christmas

and Happy 2014!

Global Program For Women Entrepreneurs


Downtown Denver, Colorado (United States)

After years of work with women entrepreneurs internationally, Amy Scerra and Steve Haase of Think Global Institute decided to bring their global program full circle—and they’re starting in Denver, Colorado.

The nonprofit hosts a 12-week “business accelerator” program for women entrepreneurs who have “hit a roadblock or hurdle,” says Scerra.  The program is part hands-on mentoring, part handbook, and part virtual support. A team of advisors work one-on-one inside each business and with each business owner.   After running the program in 26 countries, Ms. Scerra says women have trouble securing the funds and support they need, no matter where they live.

Take action:  Read the qualifications and complete the application by no later than December 20. (They also take applications for mentors year-round.)

Photo courtesy:  Jeffrey Beall

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US Women On Fire When It Comes to Starting Businesses


Babson College, Babson Park, MA (United States)

Are women less capable than men when it comes to starting a business?  According to co-authors Susan Duffy and Sharon Kan, that’s the perception many women have about themselves, which leads to a staggering amount of entrepreneurial potential being left on the table.  Don’t think for it minute though that it applies to US women.

US women entrepreneurs are on fire. They lead the world in the number of businesses they start each year with a launch rate twice that of other countries. They are educated: 70 per cent have at least a four-year degree. They also out-innovate all other women entrepreneurs globally and beat their US male counterparts.

Note:  Susan Duffy is chief learning office and co-founder the Win Lab and Sharon Kan is chief visionary officer and co-founder the Women Innovating Now (Win) Lab.

Read the entire article:  Business Schools Should Act On Women’s Entrepreneurial Potential

Photo courtesy:  Kevin Tostado

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Are You Ready for International Expansion?


Before entering international markets, many small business owners focus primarily on their domestic market. Usually, initial international marketing begins with unsolicited inquiries from foreign customers online via email, website, blog or posting on a Facebook Page. In the following article that I authored for American Express’s The Knowledge Center, you will learn how to determine if your business is ready for international expansion and how to identify international opportunities by utilizing online resources.

Read the entire article:  Are You Ready for International Expansion

Photo courtesy:  BDO

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Celebrating Entrepreneurship and Women in Particular


Melinda Emerson

My friend, colleague and entrepreneur dynamo, Melinda Emerson, kicks off the 6th annual Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), a menu of events around the world that bring together millions of people through web-based and live activities, by supporting women entrepreneurs and their essential contributions to our world economic health and well-being.  Her focus is on:

During her participation at the World Entrepreneurship Forum, Melinda led a panel discussion of women entrepreneurs and addressed several questions from young women in the audience about work/life balance as an entrepreneur and how to start a business when cultural standards are to get a good job and live at home until marriage. Discover all the tips (No. 3 follows) that were discussed in the article below.

3) Believe you can do it. Be confident in your skills. Today’s women entrepreneurs are more educated than their male counterparts.

Read the entire post:  World Entrepreneurship Forum Boosts Women Entrepreneurs

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Despite Advances, Laws Still Limit Global Women Entrepreneurs

Women’s Work Is An Extension of How They See The World


According to Grace Segran’s “Women social entrepreneurs driven by impact rather than scale,” women tend to be more nurturing and view their work as an extension of how they see the world.

Many women are turning to social entrepreneurship because they tend to work more with their hearts, says American serial social entrepreneur and Ashoka Fellow Christina Jordan.

The article also mentions how women tend to be limited with their thinking – not thinking big enough or about success.

Read the entire article: Women social entrepreneurs driven by impact rather than scale

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