How She Went Global® podcast

Building a $100 Million Home Décor Empire wegg® podcast

with Jenny Jing Zhu
on January 16, 2024

How She Went Global Podcast®

episode 35

January 16, 2024

Jenny Jing Zhu on “Building a $100 Million Home Décor Empire

Jenny Jing Zhu, founder and CEO of Lush Décor Home and author of the forthcoming book “OVERCOMING,” discusses how she went from a small, electricity-challenged village in China to the founder of Lush Décor Home, now a $100 million enterprise; how she navigated the various stages of business growth; her international expansion plan; and what makes her most grateful.

Jenny Jing Zhu
How She Went Global® podcast

Successful women entrepreneurs and business owners share stories about going global, and offer new ways to take on the world, stay inspired and have fun! They join host Laurel Delaney every month.

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