Wendy Shen

The Global Pandemic: A Wakeup Call on Global Supply Chain Management

with Wendy Shen, President and CEO, FLOMO/Nygala Corp.
October 7, 2020

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

11:00 a.m. Central (12:00 noon Eastern) time

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2020 wegginar series


  1. How Wendy went from one-woman shop, to Disney deal, to multimillion global dollar business.
  2. Diversify your supply chain globally in different markets
  3. Pivot to meet customer needs (3PL, sourcing)
  4. Focus on your core competencies to maintain competitive advantage

Meet the presenter, Wendy Shen

Wendy Shen, President and CEO, FLOMO/Nygala Corp.

Wendy Shen is the president and CEO of FLOMO/Nygala Corp. Headquartered in Moonachie, NJ, Nygala Corp began in 1992 as the US branch of Wendy's father's company in Taiwan. Wendy has built a global business featuring products for 'everything you need to celebrate' as well as business services like global sourcing and third-party logistics/supply chain management. She received an education at Wenzao Ursuline University in Taiwan and the University of Miami, and completed an MBA at Pace University. During her MBA, she began selling stationery to the US, gaining the Disney Store as her first customer. Now, FLOMO carries a wide variety of product, including school and office, party, holiday products, and PPE. Wendy is a proud member of the global community and loves to participate in philanthropy, including with the FLOMO Education Foundation in Taiwan and also the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey and domestic violence shelter Center for Hope and Safety in the US.

Wendy Shen