Candice Tal

Avoiding PR Nightmares in Your Global Business

with Candice Tal, Founder and CEO of Infortal Worldwide
April 7, 2021

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

11:00 a.m. Central (12:00 noon Eastern) time

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2021 wegginar series

wegginar® takeaways:

  • How to avoid onboarding a corrupt team or business vendor.
  • People are always the weakest link in business yet regular background checks provide less than 1% of what you need to know.
  • How to avoid fraud, bribery & corruption issues in international business ventures.
  • Due diligence investigations identify “bad actors” and help you mitigate risks.

Meet the presenter, Candice Tal

Candice helps companies mitigate risks to their business, employees, and assets while maximizing operational success. Infortal specializes in helping companies avoid bad actors in all aspects of their business.

Under Candice’s innovative leadership, Infortal has completed over 2 million successful investigations. She has grown her team of over 800 international investigations agencies with a global reach that spans 160 countries.

Candice has been interviewed in numerous media and business publications and featured in the seminal, industry book “The Compliance Handbook” by renowned regulatory compliance attorney Thomas Fox.

Infortal helps companies reduce corporate liability exposure by minimizing business risks and improving risk management options. Infortal is known for its high-quality reputation and best practices work in board advisory, M&A due diligence, executive due diligence, FCPA regulatory compliance, complex security programs, workplace violence issues, and leads the highest industry standards in Global Employment Screening.

Candice is a licensed private investigator and trusted business adviser with a BS (Hons) in Science.

Candice Tal