Ursula Wegrzynowicz

Ursula Wegrzynowicz

wegg Specialist

Specialist Focus: Credit insurance, risk management, due diligence and export compliance

Ursula recently re-joined EXIM Bank as a Regional Director servicing the exporting community by providing trade finance counseling related to the Bank’s products. Prior to re-joining EXIM Bank, Ursula founded a trade finance brokerage, Emelev, LLC with the goal of assisting US exporters reach their export potential. Ursula has also worked in logistics and international banking.

A trusted advisor and international trade expert, Ursula has dedicated her career to guiding small and medium- sized manufacturers on export strategy, trade finance, compliance and logistics.

Ursula is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago (ITAGC). She is a wegg® Specialist for Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global®, an international non-profit organization dedicated to educating women business owners and entrepreneurs on how to go global. She has also served as an “Export Coach” to SMEs enrolled in “ExporTech.”

She received her B.A. from Loyola University Chicago and her M.A. from American University. She lives in Park Ridge, Illinois with her husband, three daughters and mom.

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