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Women Rock’n the World

According to, the following women entrepreneurs are rock’n the Internet and the world with their powerful education and leadership and empowering other women to start and build businesses.  From the looks of their company websites, they most certainly know how to sell themselves and their products and services in the global marketplace.  Let’s take a look.

1.  Anne McKevitt (pictured)

Referred to as the “Martha Stewart” of the U.K.

2.  Ali Brown

Ali Brown’s products and programs are first-class and jam-packed with life-shifting information and tools.

3.  Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne Fredrickson is the creator of the Client Attraction System, a product that came about as a result of the “3am Sweats” over worrying about how to get more clients so she could pay her bills.

4.  Kendall Summerhaw

Kendall Summerhaw has designed her business around her life, not the other way around. Today, Kendall works just 4 days a week and purposefully enjoys between 8 and 10 weeks of time off every year – yet generates multiple 7-figures in revenue.

5.  Lisa Sasevich

Lisa Sasevich jumped her profits from the low 6-figures to over $2 million in 2009 – during one of the toughest economic crisis in history. How did she do it?

6.  Sheri McConnell

A millionaire mompreneur, and mom of 4, Sheri built her 7-figure business teaching what few, if any, women entrepreneurs do – building instant credibility and clients through the creation of professional associations.

7.  Bernadette Doyle

Bernadette is a single mom from the U.K. and built a 7-figure business working only 3 days a week.

8.  Tracy Woolley

Tracy is passionate about life and is living her dream through her photography.

9.  Suzanne Evans

Suzanne has created the Help More People System which is a step-by-step, 24-week training program to show you how to grow your business by infusing it with your unique purpose.

10.  Sarah Prout

Sarah Prout is an award-winning entrepreneur, the founder of Sprout Publishing and the creator of the Twitter Success Blueprint.

Learn more about all these amazing women here.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

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