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Across America: We Salute Men and Women Whose Lives Have Been Taken From Us

On Memorial Day, we lift up our hearts to remember and appreciate the men and women who have so bravely served our country.

All of the fallen speak to the sacrifices our soldiers, and their families, have made.

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Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

America: World’s Innovator and a Country Without Limits

Rich Karlgaard (more interesting bio here), publisher of Forbes, writes in The Wall Street Journal that our future is more than Facebook.

He goes on further to say:

… social media is already passé in Silicon Valley—America’s innovation engine is now focused on transportation, energy and manufacturing.

Who knew?

And he poses an intriguing question:  Will America own the global economy in the 21st century or else become a dude ranch for rich Chinese and Brazilians?

Learn the answer here.  But what do you think ladies — agree or disagree?  Perhaps women will own the global economy in the 21st century!

Posted by: Laurel Delaney

How Women Around the World Access Small Loans to Start or GROW a Business

In the article below, this question was posed to Jane Wurwand, founder of Dermalogica, a multi-million dollar business with offices in over 50 countries around the world:

If you were counseling a young entrepreneur just starting their business today, what is the most important thing you would tell them?

The most important element is to ask yourself if this is something that you really want. You have to really, really want it. You have to be willing to endure opposition, rejection and failure. This opposition only sharpens your love, if it really is the real thing. You have to be in it for the long haul. If you …

Read the entire interview here.

The key message in article:  Women worldwide should have their own money.

So Ms. Wurwand decided, “Why not give women around the world access to small loans to start or grow their own businesses in order to gain economic stability?  Voila:  joinFITE was born!

Illustration credit here.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Lessons Learned From Three Visionary Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Three women share their keys to global success:

  1. Georgette Moschbacher, CEO and president of Borghese, a worldwide cosmetic company.
  2. Linda Rottenberg, CEO and co-founder of Endeavor, pioneering the field of high-impact entrepreneurship, the global phenomenon of using high-growth business to transform economies.
  3. Leila Valez, co-founder and CEO of Beleza Natural, a chain of Brazilian beauty institutes and provider of hair-care products which is taking Brazil by storm.

Learn their lessons here.

Illustration credit:  Borghese

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

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