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Strengthen Overseas Opportunities

Women Going Global NSW brings together women involved in international trade to strengthen skills, opportunities and contacts. It is an initiative of Australian Business International Trade Services and the NSW Department of State and Regional Development to recognise the achievements of women doing business internationally, and to encourage and support others.

Find out more here and be sure to check out their upcoming Businesswomen Trade Mission to Japan October 19-23, 2009.

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Women Artists Export

Chicago (Rogers Park), Illinois, U.S.A.

Chicago (Rogers Park), Illinois, U.S.A.

It’s a spectacular day in Chicago.  Wherever you are at this moment, make the most of it.  I am getting ready to head over to the Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival where folks in the community exhibit their wares, many of which can quite easily be exported.

Photo credit:  Laurel Delaney, Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

To Go Global, Shift Your Perspective


With your business, are you afraid of dealing with the unknown?  Get over it.  Because to do well in the international marketplace, you have to be fearless and get on with the life of conducting worldwide business.

Sure, it has its challenges; but you can overcome them by building partnerships and strategic relationships.

Take Mrs. Evelyn Mungai (pictured), author, mother, politician and entrepreneur who is from Nairobi, Kenya (Northeastern Africa).  She was was asked, “What do you feel may have been your strongest seed of inspiration to take the leap into global entrepreneurship?”

Her answer?  “Other people’s skepticism.”

Read this fabulous interview conducted by Tasha Phelps with Mrs. Mungai which addresses several great questions, points and tips about taking a business global, including:

“What significant barriers did you face when deciding to take your business global?”

Answer (Mungai): “Money, men, doubt … Take your pick. When I decided to grow my business globally, it was skepticism that continued to confront me.  There were a lot of people who didn’t think that a woman in Kenya could – even OWN a business – let alone do business internationally. It didn’t matter, though, because I still did what I knew I could do. I sometimes wonder if I pushed harder just so that I could prove people wrong.”

Go here for the full interview.

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Peace Through Worldwide Business


Times are tough for many American entrepreneurs but not so tough that we can’t take time out to help those who are less fortunate in other parts of the world.

Take June Ressler, CEO of Cenergy, starting this week, Ressler will host a young Afghan businesswoman, Asma Ataie (pictured), as part of a business training program called Peace Through Business, which aims to educate and support female entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and Rwanda.

Ataie, 23, is the youngest of the program’s 30 participants this year, and the owner of a small Afghan business development firm. Ressler spoke about the program, what she hopes to teach Ataie, and what she hopes to gain from mentoring.

Read the excerpts here.

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Women’s Work Worldwide Is Never Done


Global Sistergoods is a marketplace for women artisans from around the world.

Global Sistergoods was founded in 2006 by two sisters, Beth Kapsch and Kristi Jo (KJ) Lewis (pictured above), who combined their professional backgrounds in living wage issues, international development, public policy and women’s equality and their personal love of beautiful, handmade goods to create this marketplace for women artisans from around the world.

We provide a living wage to economically disadvantaged women in fragile economies by supporting entrepreneurship, self-reliance and microenterprise development through fair trade. We partner with international non-government organizations who provide resources to women, governmental trade associations who support women’s economic empowerment, women’s cooperatives/collectives, and individual women artisans. We sustain traditional craftmaking techniques, provide high-quality products and educate consumers about women’s issues in the countries our partner artisans live in.

Global Sistergoods believes strongly in the value of “women’s work.”

Learn more about Global Sistergoods at its blog and website.

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Stay Focused Despite the Global Economic Downturn


Emilia Smith, award-winning U.K. entrepreneur and founder of “Winter in Venice,” reflects on her early childhood:

“I remember my dad asking me to pack a suit-case when I went to collect my GCSE results in case I had failed, because failure was not an option for that situation. He was also the most loving father a child could have. I believe both my parents drilled the notion that failure was not an option, but if one was to fail, one failed in order to win. So when things didn’t always go according to plan, and in my case several things didn’t, my mum would laugh and say “Well, at least you know how not to do it now… …”

“Mother would also say, “so what?” “What next?” My parents never encouraged self-pity and insisted that every problem was in fact an opportunity. In short, they created a monster, a monster who said no to conformity and wanted the life less ordinary.”

“It was always about the winning not just the taking part. It was about the savouring the journey along the way but keeping focused on getting to the finish line first. These were the competitive streaks fostered in us as children. Nothing was ever handed out on a plate and it was always a matter of sink or swim. Incidentally, my siblings have similar virtues and give strong leadership in their respective business fields.”

“The reason I started by own business is because I could never work for anyone else and excel as I have too much ambition and aspiration to trust my future in someone else’s hands or simply be a number in the rat race.”

Read the entire article which includes Emilia’s fabulous 10 tips for business success here.

Photo credit:  “Winter in Venice Blueberry Set.”

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Exporting To An American Audience


Everyone is awaiting the new filmJulie & Julia” which portrays cookbook author and iconic TV teacher (and entrepreneur) known as much for her warbling near-falsetto voice as for her impact on American cooking:  Julie Child.

To a country infatuated with cake mixes, TV dinners and instant foods that would not mess up the kitchen, Child and co-authors Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle brought a French sense of tradition, art and quality in food. Then for a decade starting in 1963, Child’s wildly popular television program, “The French Chef,” persuaded home cooks to venture into complicated territory.

These days, Americans have entered a new era of the homemade, and the film could help bring this generation of foodies back to Child. To coincide with the opening, the publishers have released new editions of “My Life in France” and Powell’s book “Julie & Julia” with Streep and Adams on the cover. Even the latest edition of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” is being sold in a wrapper promoting the movie.

Photo:  American television chef Julia Child.

More on Julia Child:

Julie Child:  Lessons with Master Chefs

Julie Child:  The French Chef  1972:  Cheese Souflee (PBS Video)

Julie Child:  Biography

Bon Appetit!

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