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What It Means to be a Successful Global Negotiator

According to the report, “Changing the Narrative:  Women as Negotiators and Leaders, “There is powerful evidence that women continue to struggle in their careers relative to men, both in their pursuit of senior leadership positions and of equal pay.”  That’s why a lot of women are choosing entrepreneurship and business ownership:  to avoid an obstacle that seemingly won’t go away and to take control of their careers.

Why is there so much that remains misunderstood about the challenges women face and why the negative stereotypes?  More specifically, why is there the persistent view that women are innately poor advocates for themselves?  When:

In fact, women possess unique advantages as [global] negotiators, including greater cooperativeness and stronger ethics. But often those strengths are overlooked or severely undervalued.

To learn more about practical strategies for managers and negotiators of both genders to close the performance gaps and to discover what it means to be a successful global negotiator, click here.

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Stubborn Wage Gap for Women Worldwide

Closing the Wage Gap For Women Worldwide

Happy 2017.  For those who missed Laurel Delaney’s webinar, “Laurel Delaney’s Global Trade Trends Report 2017,” you can access it here. And find her presentation deck here.  Now, to other important business matters.

Why is there such a stubborn wage gap for women worldwide?  Your guess is as good as ours but one thing is certain:  As a result of this trend, we’ll see more and more women starting their own businesses and taking them global at the outset.

Meanwhile, in Canada, for example, in an article in Canada’s Corporate Knights magazine, they feature a list of 100 highest paid CEOs including five people named Marc or Mark, five named Michael, four named Al, John, Paul and Steve, and three named Brian, Charles and Donald.  Where are the women?  There were just two women among those 100 corporate elites in 2015.

The United States has the same problem.  On average, American women earn less than their male peers. Highly educated women fare worst of all. For example, when the comedian Ricky Gervais joked that he was paid the same to host the Golden Globes as the actresses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler — combined — his snide humor most likely echoed throughout many workplaces.

Let’s hope in the future that the wage gap is once and for all closed for women worldwide.


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