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Hub of Debate: Women’s Forum

The 6th edition of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting was held October 13-15 in Deauville, France under the theme “Change:  Make It Happen.”

The forum focused on five questions of change in politics, the economy, the environment, global health and women’s leadership.  Specifics are as follows:

1.  Change in politics: How to think and act collectively in a world of mistrust?
2.  Change in the economy: What do we need now for true innovation?
3.  Change in the environment: How to make the green economy a killer app for business and a reality for all?
4.  Change in global health: How to combat malnutrition?
5.  Change through the woman factor: Pushing the boundaries, yet how far?

Learn more and get involved here.  Sign up for newsletter here.

Additional related resources:

The 2010 Women Matter report by McKinsey & Company confirms that women are still under-represented at board level.

The BBC World Debate from the Women’s Forum on “How to feed the world better.”

CEO Champions commit to action and accountability at Women’s Forum for Economy and Society.  More than 20 CEOs outline specific leadership actions towards progress on women’s advancement.

Visit: YouTube channel; DailyMotion and Facebook.

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The New She-conomy Works the World

Examine how trends will impact the way we live and operate worldwide in the next decade by reading the Intuit 2020 Report authored by Emergent Research (founders Carolyn Ockels and Steve King — both contributors to WEGG) in partnership with Intuit Inc. One of the key areas of focus is women.

The report envisions over the next decade:

  • Globally, about 870 million women who have not previously participated in the mainstream economy will gain employment or start their own business by 2020. Most of these women – 822 million – will come from non-industrialized countries, while roughly 47 million will come from North America, Western Europe and Japan.
  • Gen Y women – across races and ethnic lines – will dominate both college graduation rates and professional workforce entry, expanding their role in management and in professions such as law, business and medicine.
  • In countries with limited support services, such as viable childcare, many women will start their own businesses to provide flexibility for their families and avoid traditional constraints that once kept them out of the workplace. Others may choose a hybrid solution where one spouse works for the benefits and job security while the other starts a business.
  • Women will overcome the legal or traditional barriers that prevented them from participating in some regions by using virtual, mobile and Internet technologies to run businesses without having to be physically present.

Access the 27-page PDF file (download):  The Intuit 2020 Report Or go straight to Google Docs to quickly review.

Visit the new 2020 She-conomy Join the Intuit Women conversation here.  Check out Intuit’s The Women’s Conference.

Illustration credit direct from The Intuit 2020 Report, Page 9.

We look forward to having WEGG contributor Carolyn Ockels share more facts and insights concerning this important work soon.

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How to Empower 10 Million Girls in 145 Countries

UPS has a BIG initiative to empower women in developing economies and these efforts could not be more urgent; the education of women is vital to economic success.

At the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative, UPS and WAGGGS announced a $2 million dollar partnership that will empower 10 million girls in 145 countries to change their future. The female voice is often excluded from meaningful conversations on major global issues including poverty and environmental sustainability, which disproportionately affect girls and young women. This commitment is a step in correcting this disparity by providing key programs such as the Young Women’s World Forum, Environmental Advocacy Program, Leadership Development Program and Country-Focused Program.

The UPS Foundation executes on this commitment through its longtime partnership with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) to focus on leadership development and advocacy opportunities for girls to engage in global issues.

Find out how you or your company can become involved in programs that champion women’s empowerment — here.

Photo credit here.

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The Future of the Global Economy: Women

Muhtar Kent, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, the Coca-Cola Company writes a compelling piece for The Huffington Post on how women will play a major role in transforming our global economy and society over the next decade.

Key excerpt:

I think there’s another way of looking at this as well — one that goes beyond national comparisons. In fact, I would say that real drivers of the “Post-American World” won’t be China … or India … or Brazil — or any nation for that matter. The real drivers will be women. Women entrepreneurs, women business, political, academic and cultural leaders — and women innovators. The truth is that women already are the most dynamic and fastest-growing economic force in the world today.

Women now control over $20 trillion dollars in spending worldwide. To put that into context — that’s an economic impact larger than the U.S., China and India economies combined. But there’s so much more to the story. -> Here in the U.S., women-owned businesses account for nearly $4 trillion dollars in GDP. That’s right: $4 trillion dollars in economic output. This alone constitutes the fourth-largest economy in the world. Only the U.S., Japan and China are larger today.

Women’s entrepreneurship doesn’t stop at U.S. borders, of course. It is soaring around the world. In fact, today, one in 11 working-age women is now involved in entrepreneurship. And the highest percentages of women business owners are in markets you might not expect. Consider this: nearly 20 percent of working women in Thailand are entrepreneurs. In India, it’s 14 percent; Argentina, 12 percent; Brazil, 11 percent; and Mexico and Chile 10 percent. And these percentages are rising every year.

Read the entire article (and take a look at the comments): This Century Goes to the Women

And let us know if you agree or disagree.

You might also be interested in this related piece:  “Women Key to Global Economic Growth, Kent Tells Yale Students – Speech.”  Check this out while you are at it too:  5 By 20.

Illustration reference here.

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Daring to Dare Yourself: Thrillophilia

Meet Ms. Chitra Gurnani, co-founder of Thrillophilia (established 2008), which offers different adventure sport trips in India.  They cater to various sports such as trekking, rafting and camping.  It’s considered a one-spot destination shop of adventure in India.

Dare to dare yourself.  Learn more:

Thrillophilia Adventure Tours Pvt. Ltd.

And pay a visit to their blogChitra Gurnani LinkedIn

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How To Choose a School Anywhere in the World

School Choice International (SCI) helps families choose the best school for their children based on the full understanding of the child, including unique personal values and family circumstances, no matter where they are located in the world.

Liz Perelstein, Founder and President of SCIand just named by Fortune Magazine as one of the 2010 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs — started the school based upon her own experiences as an educator and an expat raising a family in Europe.

Experienced in both entrepreneurship and education, Liz is an interesting example of a woman entrepreneur who is doing unique things to improve our world.

Learn more about School of Choice International (established 1998), a worldwide educational consulting service specializing in school placement in private, public and international schools.

And congratulations to Liz.  We are very proud of you!

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Field of Dreams for Women Worldwide

Michelle Kraus over at The Huffington Post writes:

It is time for a world in which women are not considered property or chattel. It is time for a world in which violence toward girls and women is eradicated. It is a time for economic justice for all. It’s been a long time coming.

Read her entire thoughtful piece here:

Empowering Girls, Girls, Girls and Women

Illustration here (and be sure to visit to appreciate the pearltree).

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