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Qatar International Business Women Forum

The Qatar International Business Women Forum was launched last year at the Sheraton Doha Hotel and Resorts with the attendance of over 500 top officials, business women leaders and experts from Qatar and other Gulf and Arab countries.

The Forum included six panels in addition to the opening that discussed the following topics:

  • Role of Women in Business and Investment: A Comparison between the Arab World and the West.
  • Coaching Women to Take Over Leadership in Business and Develop a Strong Image.
  • Women in Corporate Life: Bridging the Credibility Gap.
  • Women in Family Business: What role for women in family-owned enterprises?
  • Women Entrepreneurs.
  • Role of Businesswomen Organizations and Networks.

To learn more about the Forum and get involved, visit here.

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What in the World is WISTA?

WISTA (, Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association, is an international organization for women in management positions involved in maritime transportation business and related trades worldwide.

Members of National WISTA Associations (NWAs) are actively engaged in the development of the shipping industry.

To learn more and get involved, visit:  WISTA

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Wherever You Are in the World, People Will Find You

Whether you run a knitting company, construction business or hair salon, you can still make your company attractive for citizens of the world to do business with you.  Here’s how.  Watch the video.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Enlighten Your Business: Allow Women to Lead

Sharon Allen writes:

As an accountant for the past 38 years, I have long believed that numbers tell a story. For many years, I have seen a steady stream of research whose numbers confirm the impressive contributions made by the relatively few women at the highest levels of leadership in business today. So it only makes sense that more women serving in these roles will lead to greater business performance and economic growth.

Who is Ms. Allen?

Sharon Allen is Chairman of the Board for Deloitte LLP where she leads the board in providing oversight and guidance to the management of the U.S. Firm and its subsidiaries. Frequently honored for her contributions to business and community leadership, Sharon was named to Forbes’ list of “The 100 Most Powerful Women in the World” for four consecutive years.

And you will absolutely understand how she got to where she is at when you read this eloquent blog post for Deloitte on The Gender Divide (a must read): Making the Business Case For Investing in Women.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

How to Solve Problems in Highly Uncertain Market Environments

I am not sure where to begin here because there is so much valuable information at this new online resource:  SEA — Society for Effectual Action (logo pictured above).

Darden Professor Saras Sarasvathy and colleagues — both scholars and entrepreneurs — from around the globe have created the Society for Effectual Action and its new robust online community,, focused on the specific study of entrepreneurship known as effectuation.

What is SEA?

SEA is a global research community advancing the study and practice of the entrepreneurial method.

Why does SEA exist?

We’re here to say that we know the truth: that there’s a science to entrepreneurship, that there are common methods that successful entrepreneurs use, and that these methods can be taught to anyone.

Here’s a primer for effectuation and how to put it to work in the classroom:

The intent of SEA through its effectuation is to become a new type of problem solving that enables people worldwide and from all walks of life to start companies, experiment more efficiently, and solve problems that have real human impact.

Explore (download research, upload papers, share news, host an event and collaborate on projects).  Register.

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Growth-Oriented Women Entrepreneurs and the Global Environment

There’s a new book, “Women Entrepreneurs and the Global Environment (Edward Elgar Publishing 2010),” edited by Candida G. Brush, Professor of Entrepreneurship and the Paul T. Babson Chair in Entrepreneurship, Babson College, US, Anne de Bruin, Professor of Economics, School of Economics and Finance, and Director, New Zealand Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre, Massey University, New Zealand, Elizabeth J. Gatewood, Director, National Science Foundation Partners for Innovation Program, Wake Forest University, US and Colette Henry, Norbrook Professor of Business and Enterprise, The Royal Veterinary College, University of London, UK.


Women’s entrepreneurship research and the understanding of factors influencing the growth of women-owned business have advanced significantly over the last decade. Yet, challenges remain. Women Entrepreneurs and the Global Environment for Growth provides wide-ranging insights on the challenges that women entrepreneurs face growing their businesses and how these may be addressed.

Learn more here.

Babson press release here.

Illustration credit: Amazon UK

Also available:  Amazon United States

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

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