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Women Entrepreneurs Are Rockin’ the Startup Stage in the Middle East

Christopher Schroeder at PandoDaily will be sharing his stories over the next two weeks (don’t miss them) on the changing Middle East and it involves rockin’ women entrepreneurs.

They are running platforms for Arabic translation out of Beirut, and eCommerce enterprises in Amman. Retailers who have achieved local success in traditional “bricks and mortar” boutiques have opened sites to reach audiences across the region, even the globe. Former athletes use technology to create products that enhance training routines, and mothers have created social platforms to access best-in-class education and advice. Veterans of Tahrir Square leverage their unique social network experiences to build crowd-sourced video story telling.

Read his entire empowering piece here.

About Christopher M. Schroeder

Christopher is a Washington, D.C. and New York-based entrepreneur, venture investor and former CEO of the online content and social platform start-up, which he sold last January. He is writing a book about tech start-ups in the Middle East due Spring 2013. You can follow him here on Twitter.

Illustration credit:  PandoDaily (created by Hallie Bateman)

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International Trade: Mistakes to Avoid

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5 Secrets from a Social World Influencer

We all know that Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of the Acumen Fund is no ordinary soul.  Through her company she has changed the way the world tackles poverty.

Below she shares her top five secrets comprising of connectivity, living in the flow, listening, action and imagination.

Read the article in its entirety:  5 Lessons From a Social Impact Genius

Photo credit:  Acumen Fund homepage  Feeling giving?  Donate here.

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Africa’s Untapped Resource: Women

Ella Peinovich (pictured lower right) is one of the three founders of Kenyan-based SasaAfrica, a women owned and operated social enterprise — offering an innovative e-commerce platform for female artisans, vendors and entrepreneurs in Africa to create sustainable micro-enterprises using mobile phones.

How We Made It in Africa talks with Ella about social entrepreneurship and Africa’s untapped resource:  women.

How did the idea for SasaAfrica come about?

I had been working within the informal settlements around Kenya over the past three years and saw the amazing cultural capital of the goods produced by the artisan community there and the disproportionately low economic value placed on their work. I was determined to create the tools and services that could enable these women to expand their access to consumers in a lasting and sustainable manner.

Read:  Social entrepreneur connects African women to global e-commerce

Illustration credit:  SasaAfrica Facebook Page

Also review Dell Social Innovation Challenge || ella

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Blunders From Around the World

Firms doing business in multilingual societies need to decide what languages to use for communications, product packaging and advertising. Rule of thumb: Go for the simplest of words, express one idea in each sentence and avoid culture-specific references (e.g., he sings like Frank Sinatra).

Below we’ve created a humorous list of gaffes from around the world.  Have a laugh or two but remember:   The  importance of understanding the language of a country cannot be overestimated!

Funny Mistranslations From Around the World

Illustration credit here.

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