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Women Entrepreneurs Light Up the Holidays

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In Manila, Bacolod, Tacloban, Pampanga, Batangas and Davao, more than 400,000 women small business owners participated in Sari-Saring Happiness Day.  Coca-Cola (part of the global 5by20 Program) launched it to brighten Christmas all over the Philippines.

“Christmas is the most celebrated season in the Philippines, so Coca-Cola mounted this campaign to recognize the women who light up our communities, and at the same time help drive sales to their businesses.  We have gone through a lot of challenges this year, so we want to send a reminder that even with the trials of every day, some truths remain the same—we can all derive happiness from sharing and spending time with the communities and the people who matter to us,” said Adel Tamano, Coca-Cola vice president for public affairs and communications. Training, financial services.

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Women Buck the Trend in Sri Lanka and Become Entrepreneurs

Sri Lankan women.

Sri Lankan women.

To achieve economic empowerment, women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka yearn for a successful career.  They also help their families, and the country, prosper.  Women entrepreneurship can contribute to a country’s development process in a number of ways.

At an individual level, it creates employment opportunities for women.  Women seek entrepreneurship for many reasons.  While some women start a business based on an idea or innovation, or due to an unsatisfactory experience as an employee, others are compelled to start their own business due to ‘forced unemployment’ – either from a layoff or due to lack of marketable skills.

Whatever the reason, entrepreneurship empowers women.

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Beijing, Tianjin and Heibei Province Women Entrepreneurs Collaborate


Women entrepreneurs in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province are willing and able to actively participate in a new type of collaboration.   The three associations of women entrepreneurs sought to implement the Beijing, Tianjin and Heibei Province collaborative development strategy, a joint initiative of the three women entrepreneurs, and signed the “Women Entrepreneurs Association of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei letters of intent” Agreement.

The move aims to combine the three regions’ women entrepreneurs respectively with the advantages of modern industrial division, to build an efficient communications platform for member companies to strengthen economic exchanges and cooperation and to promote resource integration and industrial docking. It also encourages women to participate in social welfare undertakings, to assume social responsibility, and jointly promote development.

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Global Program For Women Entrepreneurs


Downtown Denver, Colorado (United States)

After years of work with women entrepreneurs internationally, Amy Scerra and Steve Haase of Think Global Institute decided to bring their global program full circle—and they’re starting in Denver, Colorado.

The nonprofit hosts a 12-week “business accelerator” program for women entrepreneurs who have “hit a roadblock or hurdle,” says Scerra.  The program is part hands-on mentoring, part handbook, and part virtual support. A team of advisors work one-on-one inside each business and with each business owner.   After running the program in 26 countries, Ms. Scerra says women have trouble securing the funds and support they need, no matter where they live.

Take action:  Read the qualifications and complete the application by no later than December 20. (They also take applications for mentors year-round.)

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Celebrating Entrepreneurship and Women in Particular


Melinda Emerson

My friend, colleague and entrepreneur dynamo, Melinda Emerson, kicks off the 6th annual Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), a menu of events around the world that bring together millions of people through web-based and live activities, by supporting women entrepreneurs and their essential contributions to our world economic health and well-being.  Her focus is on:

During her participation at the World Entrepreneurship Forum, Melinda led a panel discussion of women entrepreneurs and addressed several questions from young women in the audience about work/life balance as an entrepreneur and how to start a business when cultural standards are to get a good job and live at home until marriage. Discover all the tips (No. 3 follows) that were discussed in the article below.

3) Believe you can do it. Be confident in your skills. Today’s women entrepreneurs are more educated than their male counterparts.

Read the entire post:  World Entrepreneurship Forum Boosts Women Entrepreneurs

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Despite Advances, Laws Still Limit Global Women Entrepreneurs

Winning Women Global Entrepreneurs


Babson College, Babson Park, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

How do you advance women’s entrepreneurship?  Five Babson College women have spent their careers studying women entrepreneurs, and they’re sharing that knowledge in order to create policies and strategies to help more women succeed in business in countries around the world.

Called the Women Innovating Now Lab, or WIN, the graduate and undergraduate women are being fast tracked through the startup development process this year. They’ll create prototypes, field teams and develop marketing and funding strategies in order to launch by the school year’s end.

This, along with many other report findings and solutions were the key topics of an online panel discussion called Advancing Women’s Entrepreneurship: Why Gender Parity Is Key to Economic Growth  – October 17th.

The round-table discussion included the following professors from Babson College:

Dr. Donna J. Kelley, GEM 2012 Women’s Report Author and Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Babson College

Dr. Candida G. Brush, GEM 2012 Women’s Report Author and Professor of Entrepreneurship and Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division at Babson College

Dr. Patricia G. Greene, GEM 2012 Women’s Report Author and Paul T. Babson Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies at Babson College

Dr. Kerry Healey, Moderator and President, Babson College

Dr. Susan Duffy, Executive Director, Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership

Learn more about Babson College and upcoming programs by visiting WIN.

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Women Make Their Mark in the Entrepreneurial World


Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Women are making their mark in the entrepreneurial world yet they continue to face problems, particularly in cities such as Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

A survey of women entrepreneurs conducted by research advisory firm Greyhound Knowledge Group found that numerous challenges frustrate women.  A few are:

  • Lack of capital
  • Lack of family approval
  • Strategic troubles

Big plus for starting a business?  Sense of FREEDOM.

Read the entire article here.

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