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WEGG: Clearing the Path for Women to Take on the World

Through collaboration and a passion to help small businesses succeed, EXIM Bank and Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global (WEGG) were able to arm KOVAL Distillery with the resources and support needed to exceed its global business growth goals.

One of WEGG’s members, Sonat Birnecker Hart, president and co-owner of KOVAL Distillery, hosted a WEGG workshop and also presented at the event. KOVAL Distillery produces organic whiskey, liqueurs and specialty spirits that are sold throughout the US, Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia.

Ms. Hart says:

“We recognized that as our export business grows, it would behoove us to have a system in place to be able to send over more product and build stronger relationships with our partners. Having the support of EXIM Bank allows us greater flexibility to meet the needs of our growing markets, while providing us with the security to aim higher,” Sonat explained.

The two organizations, EXIM Bank and WEGG, will continue to work together and cultivate these opportunities for women entrepreneurs throughout the US.

WEGG’s work revolves around educating and helping women entrepreneurs and business owners export their products and services throughout the world.

Read more about how EXIM Bank and WEGG are clearing the path for women to take on the world.


Upcoming WEGGinar Feb 7Note: Don’t miss our next WEGGinar™ 2/7/18 on “Dare to Be Bold!  Here’s How” and presented by CamMI Pham, Partner, ThinkRenegade. Register here. Event is free of charge but you must register in advance to attend.

Helping Young Girls, Women Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners Take on the World

At WEGG, we are all about educating women entrepreneurs and business owners on how to go global but we also are fearless in helping young girls become strong and take on the world too.

We believe that it is at a young age when girls develop confidence and the ability, through encouragement, to speak up and demand what she wants in life.

We are a strong proponent of encouraging young girls to take risks — push boundaries, color outside the box, rock the boat — early on, so they can get comfortable with the possibility of failing, recovering fast, and not being perfect at everything.

These characteristics toughen a young girl and give her the confidence she needs to start a business, go places, shake things up a bit, and take on the world.

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Note: Don’t miss our next WEGGinar™ 7/12/17 on “How to Finance Your Exports,” and presented by Xiomara Creque-Bromberg, Export Finance Manager, Minority and Women Owned Business & Multiplier Outreach Division, Office of Small Business, Export-Import Bank of the United States.  Register here:
Event is no charge but you must register in advance to attend.

Businesswomen Are Ready to Become Global Players

Businesswoman with Handheld Device

The timing has never been better for businesswomen to get out of their own backyards and transition from local, regional or niche-market players into global players.  Here’s why.

Women Are Ready to Take on the World

The key:  It is evident that through export activities, women-owned firms grow more rapidly, hire more people, create more jobs and are more productive.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Kumar

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

It’s Time For Women To Take On the World

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 8.07.12 PM

The Story Exchange featured this 3-part series on exporting, which is excerpted from Laurel Delaney’s new book, Exporting:  The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably.

1.  It’s Time For Women To Take On the World

Having women involved in international trade is good for the global economy.

2.  Resources For Women Business Owners Who Export

Female entrepreneurs face challenges when pursuing business overseas.  This article talks about ways to overcome them.

3.  Why Women Are Particularly Good at Going Global

Female entrepreneurs often bring sensitivity and human connectedness to international business, writes Laurel Delaney.

A big thank you to Colleen DeBaise, Director of Digital Media at The Story Exchange.

Special note to readers … get involved in the research project called “1,000 stories,” which involves The Story Exchange and Babson College.  They are asking all female entrepreneurs to fill out a form and share your startup story.  They will collect the data and publish it on The Story Exchange.  The goal is to understand the needs of women business owners while also giving them media exposure.  Here’s a link to the form:  Start talking!

Illustration credit:  The Story Exchange

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Canadian CEOs Take On The World


News from PROFIT Xchange: Supporting and Celebrating Women in Business and brought to you by PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success (December 1, 2008). While you are at it, check out Canadian Business online.

Despite a slowdown in Canada’s economy, exporting is still a priority for entrepreneurs. According to a recent survey by KPMG Enterprise, one half of Canadian firms will not alter their expansion plans, even with a shaky global economy.

“Regardless of the current economic climate, private Canadian companies still see opportunities for continued growth and revenue abroad,” says Beth Wilson, National Leader of KPMG Enterprise, “In fact, one-third of the companies we surveyed indicated they would continue to increase their expansion activity regardless of the downturn.

Some 53% of the 200 CEOs polled say their decision to do business abroad was primarily influenced by the target country’s economy, while 47% say the decision was based on their firm’s internal growth plans. Other factors cited include the local economy (38%) and the overall Canadian economy (32%).

Still, not all Canadian business leaders are so bullish. One-fifth of respondents said they have curtailed their export ambitions, citing the value of the Canadian dollar relative to other currencies and challenges in selling to an ailing U.S. economy.

Even among export proponents there are challenges in raising revenue from foreign operations. One-half of those firms that export said less than 40% of their revenue came from non-Canadian operations, and 50% said they expect their overseas operations will grow by less than 20% in the next five years. Not surprisingly, dollar fluctuations and financial risk were among the top challenges.

Aside from the risks and challenges, there is clearly a strong rationale for continued growth abroad, says Wilson. “At one time, going global was seen as a competitive advantage for big companies. We are now seeing this trend emerge among privately held companies in order to maintain their continued growth and success”

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Pictured: Erna Collins, Orillia Works.

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