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Helping Young Girls, Women Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners Take on the World

At WEGG, we are all about educating women entrepreneurs and business owners on how to go global but we also are fearless in helping young girls become strong and take on the world too.

We believe that it is at a young age when girls develop confidence and the ability, through encouragement, to speak up and demand what she wants in life.

We are a strong proponent of encouraging young girls to take risks — push boundaries, color outside the box, rock the boat — early on, so they can get comfortable with the possibility of failing, recovering fast, and not being perfect at everything.

These characteristics toughen a young girl and give her the confidence she needs to start a business, go places, shake things up a bit, and take on the world.

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Boxgirls International: Train Hard, Live Proud

Boxgirls International ( is a social profit organization that supports women and girls using boxing programs as a catalyst for social change in their cities.

They believe that a well designed and delivered sport and leadership program changes girls’ lives worldwide.

Learn more about Boxgirls International here.

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How To Stay Worldly-Wise

Our respected colleague and friend, Dr. Jeff Cornwall, offers some useful tips and tools for getting the information you need — whether male or female — to succeed in the global marketplace.  Below are nine but be sure to read the entire piece so you don’t miss any of the resources he highlights.

1.  Gather intelligence.

2.  Learn the lingo.  Note:  Our WEGG sponsor, The Global Small Business Blog, is mentioned in this section!

3.  Watch those exchange rates.

4.  Be a smart shipper.

5.  Become a social media butterfly.

6.  Bookmark the SBA.

7.  Track the trends.

8.  Know the rules.

9.  See the world.

Read the entire article here.

Illustration credit here (Dr. Cornwall refers to a visit to a Czech Republic crystal factory in his article; this is not the same — merely an example of one).

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

How To Live On a Better Planet

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Making Progress Worldwide Out of Excess

Through the innovative use of surplus, Goods 4 Good promotes the development of orphans and vulnerable children.

As a result of forming key partnerships and collaborations with organizations worldwide, G4G provides school supplies, clothing, health and hygiene products and other necessities to orphans and vulnerable children, while at the same time reducing waste at home.

Learn more about this worthwhile organization here.  Recent publicity about the founder, Melissa Kushner, mentioned here.  On the subject of “thinking globally,” get charged up and check out The Global Small Business Depot.

Photo credit:  Goods 4 Good

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Women Will Have a Profound Effect On Global Business

Get ready to take us seriously because thus far we have not attracted the level of attention and respect we so richly deserve.  This article, “The Third Billion,” by authors DeAnne Aguirre and Karim Sabbagh for strategy + business, outlines how a billion or more women are about to participate more fully in the mainstream global economy.

A huge and fast-growing group of people are poised to take their place in the economic mainstream over the next decade, as producers, consumers, employees, and entrepreneurs. This group’s impact on the global economy will be at least as significant as that of China and India’s billion-plus populations. But its members have not yet attracted the level of attention they deserve.

If China and India each represent 1 billion emerging participants in the global marketplace, then this “third billion” is made up of women, in both developing and industrialized nations, whose economic lives have previously been stunted, underleveraged, or suppressed. These women, who have been living or contributing at a subsistence level, are now entering the mainstream for the first time.

As the authors ask:  What can you do to enable and prepare these women as potential consumers, employees, and citizens?

Read the entire exciting article here.

Chart credit:  Booz & Company

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

Female Entrepreneurs Outnumber Male Entrepreneurs in Brazil

Out of all entrepreneurs in Brazil, 53% are women and 47% are men.  They have the most entrepreneurs among the G-20 nations after China. One of the country’s big challenges is to get more companies aiming to export.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Brazil study:

15.3% of the country’s population have their own business, a rate second only to China’s.

What’s also noteworthy in the study is this:

Start-up enterprises have gone from 2.93% of the total in 2008 to 5.78% in 2009, of which 4.3% are enterprises out of opportunity.

When it comes to foreign trade:

89.5% of Brazilian entrepreneurs claimed that they do not plan on exporting. Paulo Okamoto, president of the Sebrae (English here), considers that this is not a good scenario for the country and claims that action is needed for Brazilian companies to internationalize themselves.

“It is desirable for Brazil to have more companies aiming to export. For such, we need to foster innovation and we need more sophisticated, higher quality products. The Sebrae is also developing programs in order to provide ongoing support to exporting companies.

According to Okamoto, there are now roughly 15,000 small businesses that already export, and the goal for 2010 is to increase that figure by 10%.

For the first time in a decade in which the GEM survey is conducted in Brazil, the number of women has exceeded the rate of male entrepreneurs. And here’s a good case study of a young woman entrepreneur, without any international experience, exporting her concept to the U.S.A.

Businesswoman Vanessa Carmona, currently 36 years old, established her business at age 23. With lots of creativity and work, Vanessa and her partner Flávia Almeida, then aged 32, opened the Mulata Brasil beachwear store, and turned a start-up capital of 5,000 Brazilian reals (US$ 2,800) into revenues currently exceeding 1.4 million reals (US$ 796,000).

The brand, which started out in a small 57-square-metre house, now has two shops in a wealthy area of São Paulo. Despite never having exported, it should open its first unit abroad in the first half of 2010, in Miami, United States.

Read the entire article here.

Photo credit:  Mulata Brasil as mentioned above; this is one of entrepreneur Vanessa Carmona’s swimsuit styles at her company!

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Make Your Global Mark


Now is your chance to make your global mark.  Today is the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 16-22) and is an initiative to inspire young people (that includes YOU!) around the world to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity.

(From Washington, D.C.) — More than 1,000 partners – including top universities, non-profit organizations, successful entrepreneurs, government agencies and corporate sponsors – have currently signed up to support and initiate activities for Global Entrepreneurship Week/USA 2009, Nov. 16 – 22. The Week will engage young people in 87 countries around the world and encourage them to pursue entrepreneurial ideas through local, national and global activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators.

Got an idea?  Unleash it here at Unleashing Ideas where you can also find out what’s happening around the world right now.

Posted by:  Laurel Delaney

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