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Starting Up and Taking a Personal Care Product Global with Jacqueline Smith

weggChat with Jacqueline Smith

On Wednesday February 6th at 11:00 am CST,  Jacqueline Smith will be leading our first weggchat™ of 2019 on Twitter. Smith is the CEO of Kiesque, and her chat will cover “Starting Up and Taking a Personal Care Product Global.”

Why should you participate? Glad you asked.

Not only are all of our weggchats™ free of charge to participants, but they can help you get answers to all of your questions about taking a business global. During the the weggchat™, we will field questions and add insights on global entrepreneurship.

Here are just three of the questions that Smith will cover in her talk:

  1. What prompted you to start your business?
  2. How did you develop a patent?
  3. When did you first start selling globally?

Use or to follow the conversation with #weggchat. Small business owners are especially encouraged to chime in with questions and answers! In the last five minutes of our chat, all participants are invited to share their “140 character” elevator pitch on their businesses.

A full description of the event can be found on our website.  See you there!

UPS Small Biz Survey: Entrepreneurs Are Optimistic, Those Engaged in Trade Even More So.

upsbusinessmonitorusa2009 A recently released UPS Business Monitor United States survey (download the full report) finds that small business owners continue to be optimistic about their company’s financial future despite the lousy condition of the economy. According to the poll, 86 percent of small business owners expect their firms “to be in the same or better financial shape in one year.” That’s a slight decline from the overall sentiment (91 percent) in a fall 2008 UPS survey.

Are these entrepreneurs being overly optimistic in regard to their outlook for the economy? Do they think conditions will turn around more quickly than what is generally expected? That doesn’t seem to be the case — 67 percent of small business owners believe that the economy will begin to improve in 2010 or later.

Small business owners who engage in international trade were even more optimistic about the financial condition of their firms in one year — 62 percent said their businesses would be in better condition in a year’s time (versus 39 percent of non traders).

According to the UPS survey, 73 percent of small business respondents are not exporting, nor do they plan to engage in trade: “Unfamiliarity with global markets, language barriers and apprehension about preparing customs and other documents were among the main reasons why small business owners say they are not trading across borders.”

That’s regrettable because there are abundant resources available for entrepreneurs who wish to explore going global. The U.S. Department of Commerce, for example, has top-notch educational material, an enthusiastic staff, regular webinars and other resources to help small firms research international markets and walk them through key details. In fact, the International Trade Administration just updated its Basic Guide to Exporting. If you visit, you will find a wealth of information about doing business overseas.

And, it looks like U.S. policy may continue to move forward in a direction that opens up additional markets for entrepreneurs. Despite some of the protectionist rhetoric heard out on the presidential campaign trail, the Journal of Commerce reported a strong likelihood that President Barack Obama would advance trade pacts currently in the works (Colombia, Panama, and South Korea). There may be small adjustments to the deals, but it appears that trade is not a dead issue with the new Administration.

Alan Gershenhorn, UPS senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, said that trade is a sound strategy for business growth and survival. He observed: “By expanding opportunities in new markets, cross-border trade can help small businesses diversify, buffering them against risk, and helping them stay strong in tough times.”

Right now may be the perfect time to explore going global.

Karen Kerrigan
President & CEO, SBE Council
Founder, Women Entrepreneurs Inc. (WE Inc.)

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