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WEGG Knows that Women Rule the World

WEGG Knows that Women Rule the World

WEGG knows that women rule the world but did you know that in Nigeria, they also rule the sky?  A Nigerian airline has taken a step to fight for women empowerment. The airline celebrated her first ever all female crew to fly one of her planes.

The airline also used the opportunity to name her first ever female captain simply identified as Sinmisola.

The fight for the empowerment of women began after it was realized that men are treated better than women and the voices of men are valued more than that of women in some parts of the world.

That’s about to change.  Read more how women in Nigeria through a Nigerian airline rule the sky with their first all-female flight crew.


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Women Rejuvenate the World

Women Rejuvenate the World

Interesting post by Sarah Iqbal on gender over at the PSD Blog – The World Bank Group. She attempts to answer the complex question: Why don’t women rule the world?

Find out Sarah’s answer here.

The comments are insightful and fun to read. We are a bit concerned, however, that Dee Dee Myers (refer to our post November 9, 2008) might get a little upset about this.

Posted by: Laurel Delaney

Women Rule the World


Former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers has a new book, Why Women Should Rule the World, which is oh-so appropriate for this blog. The Atlantic online covers it provocatively in Sandra Tsing-Loh’s article Should Women Rule?

And a special hat tip to our friends and colleagues over at the Small Business Labs for turning us on to both the redesign at the Atlantic magazine and Dee Dee’s new book.

Pictured:  Mother Teresa

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