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Meet wegg®’s Design and Technology Lead, Laura Fairman


I am in pursuit of global reach and purpose. I’m continually asking myself… Is my work helping our world become a better place?” 

-Laura Fairman, Design and Technology Lead for wegg®

Meet wegg®’s Design and Technology Lead, Laura Fairman! She has had the pleasure of being involved with our organization since wegg®’s inception in 2008. Our Communications Intern, Lucy Brooks, sat down with Laura to interview her. Check out our feature on Laura, to learn more about her, and what goes on behind the scenes at wegg® .

Lucy Brooks: How would you describe your position at wegg®? What do you oversee and do for the organization?

Laura Fairman: I have a unique relationship with wegg® because I work for wegg® as a contractor for design, art direction, project management and technology support. I am also a founding board member, serving on the board since 2015. My goal as a board member is to be the voice of design, guiding the organization toward supporting key design initiatives, like rebranding and launching a new website. At the same time, I’m always looking to strengthen the organization’s visual cohesiveness and continuity across their many print and digital offerings.

LB: What has your professional background been like? How did you come to work for wegg®?

LF: I’m a creative through and through. I graduated from Vanderbilt University as a Fine Arts major with a double minor in music and European studies. I began my career in the arts as a portrait painter, but swiftly moved into graphic and web design to supplement my passion with consistent work. In 2001, I began my own small business, Blue Canvas ( 17 years later, I’m still creating print and digital work for small- and mid-size businesses across many industries: medical practices, nutraceuticals, health and wellness, financial advisors, law firms, technology, trade shows and events, engineering, publishing, restaurants, and nonprofits.

Through a shared client, my path crossed with wegg®’s founder, Laurel Delaney. My earliest project with Laurel Delaney dates back to August of 2007, with the redesign of the Globe Trade website. This early site was developed entirely in html, and content management systems had not yet become the norm. A lot has changed in the digital space in the last decade! Clients are managing their website content entirely on their own, and they are constantly pushing new information to their audiences. To achieve this, they are relying heavily on social media outlets, creating video blogs, online community groups, and organizing live webinar presentations with 100s of attendees online. Websites used to be simply an extension of a business card. They have become the digital handshake for a company, where making a great first impression is paramount. It’s fun to see the evolution of the digital space, and Laurel is consistently folding the current trends into her businesses, particularly with wegg®.

LB: What part of wegg®’s mission, “To educate women business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide on how to go global, so they can run healthier businesses, and create a new future for themselves, their families and their communities,” resonates with you, and how does your work connect with, or support this mission?

LF: I am in pursuit of global reach and purpose. I’m continually asking myself… Is my work helping our world become a better place?

I have found joy working with non-profit organizations because they are doing good things, and because the leaders are so passionate about what they are trying to achieve. In wegg®’s case, the mission is to educate, and they are meeting this goal with the production of free monthly wegginars® on a variety of topics designed to help women business owners and execs improve their businesses, their communities, and their lives.

I have created the outreach graphics and participated as an organizer on over 30 wegginars®. Truth be told, I have been actively involved in every single wegginar®. I’m proud to be able to say that. Each of these wegginars® are available to watch on the wegg® website, so the work is continually giving back (and hopefully inspiring!)…and that feels great.

LB: What moves, projects, or strides do you hope wegg® takes in the coming year?

LF: wegg® is still in its founding years, and we have big plans ahead. In recent months we have been focusing on sharing expertise, and we are continually meeting this intended goal. What I’d like to see in the months to come is a focus on the women of wegg®. Let’s share the stories of those women that have been measurably impacted by the resources wegg® has provided them. I’d like to see wegg® do focus features and videos of these success stories.

The second part is to see this piece realized globally. Is there a woman-owned factory in India producing woven textiles and is now exporting these products globally because they’ve learned how to do so from wegg®? Has a woman from Bangladesh achieved success for her family and community because of a business connection she made through wegg®? We want to meet these women! And, I’d like to share these global stories of impact visually.

LB: What has been your most meaningful project to take on, event you have been apart of, or moment you have had during your time here?

LF: My personal goal was to help wegg® rebrand and build a global digital platform to aid them in achieving their education mission. Under my art direction, we launched the new logo at the beginning of 2018, and we are very close to realizing our goal of launching a new education-driven website. These two projects have been the most meaningful to me, because rather than stepping in and creating a brand, I helped guide and direct the process of wegg®’s new identity. I was able to connect wegg® with an incredibly talented designer from Seattle, Gabriel Lopez. Bringing the visual goals for wegg® to fruition has been a laborious process, but when you have great people on your team, like Gabriel and Laurel, who are willing to collaborate and put the time in, it makes the work worthwhile.

wegg® thanks Laura for sharing her story with us. She is an integral part of our team, and has helped our organization thrive. To learn more about what wegg® can do for you and your business, visit our website.
Registration is open and free for our 12/5 talk with Andrew Molinsky, Ph.D. He will talk about how, “if you are not outside your comfort zone, you won’t learn anything.” Register here.

Everything You Need to Know from Our wegginar® with Cristina Bandal


This past Wednesday, wegg® had the pleasure of hosting the Industry Segment Manager of Retail and Consumer Goods for UPS, Cristina Bandal. Bandal lead one of our free online wegginars®, which provide monthly, accessible education to women entrepreneurs everywhere. Bandal’s talk covered how to overcome the obstacles that people face when trying to sell their products to the global market. She also answered the questions of wegginar® participants. Read their inquiries, and her responses, below:

  1. What’s the single biggest challenge on why people don’t setup an online storefront?  Setting up an international store may sound complicated if you are thinking of creating a country site – but with only a few enhancements, you can make international customers feel at home. 
  2. What are your thoughts on how to factor in taxes, (shipping and duty), to price my products profitably, yet make them affordable to my customers?  With the solution available, your catalogue will provide the information needed to calculate a duty and tax, and offer a landed cost to your customers (and protect you from abandoned goods!)
  3. How does our current trade war with China impact the information presented in this wegginar®?  Whatever tariff regulations are passed are updated to protect the shipments.
  4. Is there a way to target one foreign market when I launch my e-commerce site so that I can test the waters?  YES!!  You can choose what countries to target.
  5. What’s the best way to setup a payment method, in your own currency or the customer’s?  International consumers would like to see their own currency to avoid surprises. By using the UPS i-parcel solution, you are protected by allowing transactions to be processed through UPS, and provide fraud protection.

To read Bandal’s extended answers to these questions, and more, you can view the full presentation (PDF) from the wegginar®, here. wegg® was honored to have Bandal share her experience and knowledge with us.

If you were not able to participate in this month’s wegginar®, we already have registration open for our 12/5 talk with Andrew Molinsky, Ph.D. He will talk about how, “if you are not outside your comfort zone, you won’t learn anything.” Register here.

Make Your Global Online Shoppers Feel at Home Wherever They Are


Registration is still open for our FREE November 7th, 2018 wegginar®, with presenter Cristina Bandal, Industry Segment Manager of Retail and Consumer Goods for UPS.

Cristina has an extensive career with UPS, working within the marketing functions. She has worked with merchants in the retail and high tech industries. Cristina makes customer experiences valuable, by improving the shopper’s experiences. Her most recent assignment helps enable merchants to sell outside the US through UPS technology.

If 95% of the worlds population lives outside the US, why are some merchants still only selling to the domestic market? Complex rules, costly risks and high transportation costs make it difficult for small businesses to merge into new markets. UPS i-parcel not only offers a solution to these merchants, but provides a frictionless experience to international consumers.

wegginar® participants can expect to learn how to…

  1. Offer international consumers the same shopping experience on your website that you offer to shoppers in the US.

  2. Avoid complicated and costly international shipping that will ultimately improve your conversion rate.
  3. Enable new international markets with just a click and reach a world of consumers.
  4. Make your online shoppers feel at home anywhere

wegg® aims to make resources for going global accessible to all women entrepreneurs, and our wegginars® are free thanks to our sponsors. To register for the event, visit this link: 

Listrak Helps You Reach New Global Customers, Drive Greater Revenue and Increase Profitability

Ever wonder how to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing efforts from your team?  You are not alone.  Every small business owner struggles with that.  You reach a point where you say to yourself, “I absolutely must automate the process!”  Well I discovered a great solution, one that is specifically tailored for small business UPS customers and it is called Listrak Ignite.  It helps you reach new global customers, drive greater revenue and increase profitability at your business.

Lucky me.  I had the great opportunity to interview Paula Quiles, Listrak Ignite Manager and Andrea Cervini, UPS Marketing Manager, International & Small Business, UPS to tell me more about this nifty tool.  What follows are excerpts from my interview.

1. Who is Listrak?  Why has UPS decided to work with Listrak?  Do you have to be a UPS customer to sign up?

PAULA QUILES: Listrak is a family-owned business whose roots started in 1999 with email marketing automation. Today, in addition to email, we provide a marketing automation and customer analytics CRM platform that allows our customers to expand their campaigns and understand their customers across mobile, social, display, and web channels by utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics.

ANDREA CERVINI: UPS recognized that email marketing was essential to significant growth within our B2C customers in particular. We researched the market to find a company that offered high quality solutions that could easily integrate into our current and future customer’s systems. Listrak was certainly that company and we are moving into our 7th year working with them.

PAULA: At the beginning of our partnership in 2011, we started by offering UPS-negotiated pricing and packages to their mid-market and enterprise customers. Most recently, at the end of 2017, we expanded our services to include Listrak Ignite − a program we designed specifically for small and emerging businesses. Through our partnership, we’re happy to be able to provide these programs and special pricing as an exclusive benefit to UPS customers.

2. What is the difference between Listrak versus other email providers?

PAULA: Listrak sets itself apart in three ways:

a. Included premium features: We want to make it easy for our customers to have access to basic tools that will help them create successful email campaigns. Features such as send time optimization (sending emails based on time zone or contact’s activity) and A/B split testing are just a couple of things we include for all of our customers, large or small, no additional cost.

b. World-class support: We pride ourselves on the success of our customers and we’re honored to have earned a Net Promoter Score® of 80, that’s higher than companies like Amazon (69), iPhone (63) and MailChimp (50).

c. Scalability: Listrak’s ability to unify the functionality of many third party solutions along with the ease of seamlessly adding on solutions as our customers’ businesses grow to any size, allows them to conveniently maintain most of their digital marketing efforts under one roof.

3. Who is the target customer for Listrak — e.g., size of company in revenues and number of employees?

PAULA: Because Listrak is a scalable platform, our customers range from start-ups and small businesses with less than five employees who utilize our Listrak Ignite program to businesses who employ hundreds of employees and have implemented our enterprise solutions. No matter how basic or sophisticated the need, we have a solution for almost everyone.

4. How does Listrak envision WEGG members benefiting from using Listrak?

PAULA: In this day and age, it’s important to remind ourselves that behind the data there are people. Real, live, people who want to know that the brands they elect to hear from on a regular basis truly understand who they are.

No matter where a business is in its marketing strategy, Listrak is the perfect platform to help create a lasting relationship with your subscribers and customers. For small businesses and those who have yet to get their digital marketing efforts off the ground, our Listrak Ignite program helps to create the foundation needed to create brand awareness, extend audience reach, and maintain brand loyalty at an affordable cost. For those looking to enhance an existing strategy and take their marketing to the next level of customer insights, we have other options available through our UPS partnership that meets those needs.

5. Can you provide a short example of how a UPS customer used Listrak and achieved BIG WINS at their business as a result?

PAULA: One of our favorite success stories to tell is about a pet supply business who primarily promoted their products at AKC dog shows. They spent a year researching strategies on how to expand their marketing reach and successfully bring their business online. After learning about Listrak through a conversation with their UPS rep, they attended a Brunch n’ Learn for Listrak Ignite at our headquarters in Lititz, PA and ultimately ended up subscribing to the program. In less than six months, they were able to generate over $160,000 in online revenue and grow their audience by 90%!

6. What is the cost to give Listrak a whirl?

PAULA: Getting started with Listrak Ignite is reasonable. You can visit our website for more details on plans and pricing at

ANDREA: In our continued efforts to assist small businesses in their growth, UPS worked with Listrak to implement the Ignite offer. It’s a new program tailored to support the unique marketing challenges of small businesses. Exclusive to UPS customers, Listrak Ignite is available at special rates for qualified businesses. There is also a 90 day free trial available only to UPS customers.

7. If WEGG members don’t sign up, what’s their loss 🙂 in the future?

PAULA: One of the questions we ask anyone who is making a decision about whether they should or should not make a change is, “What is your current marketing strategy, and is it effective?” One of the perks of using our tool is gaining the ability to access and understand the data driving the results of your campaigns. Beyond the typical email stats of open and click-through rates are customer-attributed revenue statistics and behaviors that can be used to help optimize your marketing efforts. If you don’t have the ability to see how current efforts are attributing to your overall success…that could be a huge missed opportunity.

ANDREA: With Email Only Plans starting as low as $25/month and Full Packages starting at only $125/month, these savings are very real as are the sales from your increased engagement with your email customers. Think of yourself personally, what does a reminder email or an extra discount do to your likelihood to buy? These are the areas where Listrak can really help your company move the needle.

8. Any Bonus Features Listrak wants to mention?

PAULA: We understand that it’s not always easy to know how to get started or what the next step should be when implementing new strategies. To help create successful email campaigns, we include semi-annual account reviews for all our Ignite package customers, providing them with marketing strategies and insights to help optimize their efforts.

ANDREA: As Paula mentioned, these special discounts are only available to UPS customers. If you need more information on shipping with UPS please contact me at or Paula at

What a great way to get your feet wet in digital marketing (90 Day Free Trial and email packages starting at only $25/month!)  Thank you ladies.


What is cloud computing?  As an SME, how can you benefit from it?  Find out key growth lessons from more than 50 startup owners using cloud computing. 

Join us for our next WEGGinar™ 7/11/18 on “Intro to Cloud Computing and How It Can Benefit You,” presented by Jayger McGough Tomasino and Carly Kizorek, Technical Evangelists at IBM.  They will give you the scoop on cloud computing, convey how SMEs use it to grow, and even show a demo of IBM Watson services.  Register here.

Event is free of charge but you must register in advance to attend.

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